2018 Ford
mustang gt

This Mustang GT has won 2021 Ukrainian Street RWD and Pro RWD Drag Racing Championship with the best ET of 9.96sec.
100-200kph takes in under 4.7sec.

Built & tuned by Top Level Motorsport in Kiev, Ukraine.

4.6 sec
  • Engine was upgraded with custom iron cylinder sleeves, JE forged pistons and Manley H-beam forged rods.
  • We have lowered the CR from factory 12:1 to a more boost friendly 11:1 to able to use the 98 RON fuel alone if needed.
  • It has 10R80 transmission upgraded with McLeod drop-in frictions&steels.
  • PCV is managed by 2 JLT air-oil-separators.
  • Whipple gen 5 3.0L twin screw Stage 2 supercharger kit provides the juice.
  • Fore Innovations E85 ready fuel system manages the thirst.
  • Fuel-It Bluetooth ethanol analyzer helps with the correct mixture ratios.
  • Driveshaftshop axles were installed for a pinch of confidence during the launch.
  • We have upgraded the cooling capacity by adding the Mishimoto radiator and custom engine oil and transmission fluid coolers in the front bumper openings.
  • Supercharger cooling is managed by Aquamist HFS-4 meth injection kit.
  • Exhaust is a custom valvetronic unit with mild-to-wild switch. Engine breathes through ARH 2” longtube headers. It’s pure wild roar!
  • Weld Racing 17” rear wheels + MT ET Street R 305/45/17 tires.
  • We have also upgraded the brake system with the Performance package front calipers and Steeda 2-piece rotors in all four corners. EBC YellowStuff pads do their job.
  • GT500 type front bumper and hood, custom rear diffuser and carbon fiber rear spoiler.
  • Plans for 2022 season were to make it run ❮9sec 1/4miles but we have encountered the unforeseen war with Russia.
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